The Butler & Stapleton Real Estate Experience


Des & Rob’s Buying & Selling Story

Looking past the sale to the people at the heart of each real estate transaction is integral to the way Sheri and Matt do business. They truly get to know their clients — what they like, what they dislike, about their past and hopes for the future. With this personal connection as their foundation, Sheri and Matt give clients the tools, resources and information to make big decisions that will serve them best.

A chance meeting at an open house and a shared passion for cycling sparked a connection that grew into a client relationship and, ultimately, a treasured friendship sustained through growth and change, right-sizing and relocations.


An Open House
Opened the Door

Matt first met Rob & Desiree Rodi by chance at an open house he was hosting in Houghton. As they walked through, Matt and Rob quickly hit it off when they realized they shared a mutual passion for cycling. When the conversation turned to real estate, Matt learned the couple had moved to Kirkland three years earlier from the East Coast.

Their first home was a small bungalow in East of Market, and they were considering whether to remodel or to buy a new house that would better fit their needs. Matt shared his  experience living on the Eastside for his entire life and how this helped him to understand the market and nuances of different neighborhoods better than most. Together they set an appointment to meet at their house and explore their options.

To Renovate or Relocate?

As soon as Sheri set foot in their house, she knew that she and Des would hit it off. The 1920s-era bungalow had been lovingly restored to its original vintage style. Small yet very functional, it was impossibly cute.

Rob and Des were considering adding on to the house to gain some extra square footage and possibly a view from the second story. Sheri and Matt referred a couple of contractors to them so they could get a clear picture of what it would take to remodel. After analyzing all their options, they made the choice to purchase a new house rather than remodel.


Prepped and Ready to Sell

Their home was beautiful and nearly turnkey. They were, however, planning to remain in the home during the sale, which presented some challenges. In order to make it “market ready,” some light packing, decluttering and landscaping was needed.

The market was entering prime selling season, so time was of the essence! Sheri brought over moving boxes right away, and spent time getting to know Des better while helping her to pack and declutter her kitchen. Matt stepped in to lend Rob a helping hand in the yard, which is something he loves to do! During the prep, Rob commented, “Our other realtor didn’t offer to do this.” Matt simply said, “Why not?”

After prep was completed, staging was quickly put in place, pictures taken, flyers created, and the home came on the market on a Friday. By Monday, Des and Rob had an offer in hand that was over list price!

Finding Their Dream Home

It was a brisk market, and Des had her heart set on a specific area and Matt and Sheri were up to the challenge. Several homes popped up in their neighborhood of choice, but quickly sold (and for much more than list price). Finally, a new construction house in the perfect location came on the market. Before an offer could be put together, Matt and Sheri found out that the home had already gone under contract.

Although Des and Rob were disappointed, Sheri and Matt still took them to look at the other two homes that were not yet listed, but they were finding it too hard to make the mental leap from the first one they’d fallen in love with. They were about to start looking elsewhere when Matt stepped in.

After circling through the unfinished home on his own, Matt was convinced that not only was it an even better fit for them but that it was sitting on a better lot too. He and Sheri brought them back to the house to point out these features and paint the whole picture, so Rob and Des were able to see a vision of the finished product. It quickly became something they could envision themselves in and they decided to put in an offer. That unfinished, previously overlooked home on the perfect lot became their dream home.


Beyond the Sale

Over the years, Matt and Sheri have remained connected to Rob and Des — through the birth of their two boys, their decision to move to California for a job change, as well as their return to the Northwest and to their beloved home.

A few years ago, Sheri and Matt helped Rob’s parents buy a condo in Kirkland so they would have a place to visit and be closer to their grandkids. The Rodi family continues to show their trust by referring their friends and colleagues to this day, which is something Matt and Sheri are forever grateful for. Taking the time to get to know Rob and Des and their goals for the future, Sheri and Matt’s real estate experience evolved into a friendship. This is one of many lasting relationships Sheri and Matt treasure as clients have become friends. By getting to know the heart of every client, they’re able to focus on the big picture and help each one achieve long-term goals by finding homes that will meet their needs, now and for many years to come.

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