Blog March 1, 2023

What’s The Minimum I Need to do To Put My Home on the Market?

Two janitors clean country house with panoramic window, wash floors. Side view on process of working


It is a question that many sellers have – “Do I really need to take the time to spruce up my home before I put it on the market?”

My quick answer is “No”. You don’t have to dust, vacuum, or even clean the bathroom. You could walk out the door right now, hand me the keys, and I will take it from there. The one thing that does need to be done is to create a safe environment for potential buyers. That being said, I advise also thinking like a buyer in order to maximize profits. For every property, there is a pool of buyers for whom that property may be a good fit – right size, right price, right place, right situation. There are two of those that the seller has at least some control over – the right price and the right situation.

The right situation includes things that the seller can control such as the condition of the home. The better condition the home is in, the bigger the pool of buyers. When the home is not move-in ready or updated, the number of buyers for whom that home might have been a good fit shrinks.

When you are thinking about selling, I recommend making a plan with me to determine how much time and elbow grease you want to expend getting your home ready to list. I will share the current market conditions and what you can expect in terms of price and selling time as is, cleaned up, and with improvements. You call the shots and determine what makes the most sense for your situation.

Have a weekend or two? Here are the top five things I recommend adding to your home-prep punchlist that will help buyers envision themselves in your home and earn you more money than just selling with no prep at all:

  1. Clean – Giving your home a thorough cleaning is the best thing you can do to prepare your home for the market. This is a deep clean of everything from vents and fans to baseboards, cabinets and more. The more cleaning, the better!
  2. Declutter – As you are cleaning, remove excess items from counters, drawers, cabinets, closets, tables, and more. A decluttered home is less distracting, allowing buyers to concentrate on your home’s best features.
  3. Wash Windows – Let the sun shine in with streak-free windows.
  4. Mind Your Curb Appeal – Take a look at the entrance – from parking the car to the front door. Make sure it looks clean and inviting – sweep or power wash the driveway and entry path if appropriate, put down a new doormat, and get rid of weeds.
  5. Trim Landscaping – Trim back anything dead or unwieldly, rake up leaves, put down new mulch if your beds need it, and generally make sure the landscaping enhances the house.

Reach out when you are ready to chat about your home-selling and home-preparation strategy!