Blog June 25, 2019

Apple Plans Major Expansion in Seattle

This week Apple announced plans to bring over 2,000 jobs to the Seattle area over the next five years. The company chose this region due to the “tremendous work that local leaders have done here over the past several decades to make Seattle a world-class place to live and work,” said Christina Rasby the company’s president of global real estate and facilities.

Apple’s latest development for the company helps to cement Seattle’s status as a prominent tech hub; which comes as no surprise having just been named “best economy in the nation,” as Google and Amazon continue to expand and the list of leading startups in technical and engineering fields growing exponentially.

This announcement comes at a time when Washingtonians are seeing the largest increase in wages since the recession; yet another indication of the explosion in job growth in our area.

With US home sales climbing overall and local housing inventory set to rise local architects, planners and developers are still looking ahead. Meeting to collaborate on strategies to ensure sustainable options for the future.

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